The business has several elements to its operation; the sourcing of classic and modern classic cars to customer specifications, general vehicle sales where Ralph has classic cars for sale, the repair and maintenance of historic vehicles where Ralph either undertakes these himself or has partners he works with to support repairs (Ralph then personally oversees that repairs are undertaken to his and his customers standards) and finally, based on Ralph’s 30 year background in education he has a consultancy to support the motor trade with sales, customer service and their general training requirements.

Having trained as a mechanic in the 1970’s, Ralph has an excellent understanding of cars from that and surrounding era’s and personally runs one of his childhood favourites a series one Ford Cortina 1600e, he also a one owner 1993 Land Rover Discovery and a 1992 Jaguar XJS which is undergoing renovation.

Ralph has a growing interest in cars which are fast becoming ‘modern classics’ such as the BMW e36/46 model range and early Audi TT’s. Values on these cars are starting to rise if the condition and provenance is right and they are becoming good investments. What better than to have your money invested in something which gives a better return than interest rates but also gives you pleasure when you use it. Many people who do not do a high mileage are now realising the value of running a modern classic as a day to day car.

Hampshire Classic Cars Ltd can help you choose and source your ideal classic car and also help you maintain it and do any additional work you require.